What makes a Bold Moves idea?

It's big. And big ideas attract big interest. It's more than constructing a new building or bundling smaller projects under a big umbrella. Think about your area of expertise and imagine what could realistically be accomplished, free of financial constraints and elaborate approval processes.

Why should I submit an idea?

Bold Moves is about imagining what could be. This is an opportunity to get visibility for your big ideas in a new and different way. Use your years of subject expertise to imagine something truly transformational.

Who can submit ideas?

All faculty, staff and students* at Wayne State University can submit ideas. Please only submit ideas for which you have the expertise and position to help implement the project if it attracts investment. The identified leader(s) of the project must be included in its implementation.

* Students who wish to submit an idea will need to identify a Wayne State faculty or staff member to serve as a co-leader and to assist in the project's design and implementation.

How many ideas can I submit?

You may propose as many ideas as you like. We recommend submitting your idea early (before October 15), as this will allow for feedback and the opportunity to refine and resubmit. Submitting early also will enable the Steering Committee to see if your ideas could be merged with similar ideas to create a larger transformational project.

Should I collaborate with others?

We encourage you to explore collaboration in your own area and with other Wayne State schools, colleges and units. In fact, if there are separate proposed ideas that we think could be stronger when joined together, we may recommend a collaboration.

Idea proposal teams also can include collaborators outside the university, as long as Wayne State is the nucleus organization for the partnership, and the identified leader(s) is/are from Wayne State.

Will this take a lot of my time?

In the beginning of the process and throughout 2020, Bold Moves won't take much of your time. Your time will involve preparing and submitting a brief summary of your idea and some preliminary information via a short online form by December 1, 2020. In March 2021, if you are invited to submit a full proposal, more details about your idea will be requested. Development staff members will be available to assist with your full proposal submission, which is due by May 1, 2021. If, over the course of the following years, we are able to identify donors who want to fund your idea, then we hope you will be happy to spend the time required to make it a reality.

Do I have to submit an idea?

No. We all have good ideas, and we work toward them every day. Bold Moves is for those ideas that reach toward a special and substantial impact.

How many ideas will be selected?

There is no predetermined number of ideas that will be selected for Bold Moves. The Steering Committee will select the highest-scoring ideas, based on how well they meet the Bold Moves idea criteria.

Will all ideas be funded?

Funding for ideas is not guaranteed. However, any submitted idea may match with the interests of a potential donor. If so, development staff will assist in creating a full case statement or proposal to seek funding.

What if my idea is selected for Bold Moves?

If your idea is among those selected, Wayne State development staff will work to create a case statement and other fundraising materials for your idea — and seek donors with the potential to fund the project. Ideas selected for Bold Moves also might become part of the university's next fundraising campaign and/or part of Wayne State's strategic plan.

What if my idea isn't selected?

Some submitted ideas — even if they aren't selected for the full proposal stage or ultimately as Bold Moves ideas — may emerge as unit-based priorities. Or, they may also be developed if they match with the interests of donors.

If development is working on Bold Moves, will they still work on my other projects?

Yes. Bold Moves is above and beyond all regular development activities throughout the university, and in each school and college.

Have more questions?

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